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    Periodontist: Specialist Periodontal Services

    Monica Lee

    Dr Monica Lee BD, MFDS, RCPS, MSc, MClinDent, MRD, RCS

    Monica completed her specialist training with merit in 2008 and is on the specialist register for periodontics. She has worked in hospital and private practice and has taught on the undergraduate programme at Guy’s Hospital, Kings College London (KCL). Monica now teaches on the continual professional development postgraduate programme at Addenbrooke's Hospital and lectures to hygienists, therapists and dentists.

    She is the regional representative for the British Society of Periodontology and has lectured on their regional roadshow. Monica has published academic papers in clinical dental journals and has written a chapter of a new periodontology clinical textbook.

    She attends courses both nationally and internationally to keep up to date with the treatment and advances in periodontology.

    Submit Referral Online Monica is dedicated to providing the best treatment and care to all her patients. She is happy to discuss any treatment options with her patients and discuss any treatments available with your dentist or hygienist/therapist.

    She is also dedicated to making sure you are well maintained after your treatment and so will liaise with your hygienist/therapist at your practice, to ensure you are cared for in the appropriate way to maintain your periodontal health.

    What is Gum Disease (Periodontitis)?

    Periodontitis is a very common inflammatory condition, which affects and damages the tissue that support the teeth including the gums and bone.

    Early signs are often soreness/bleeding from the gums when brushing or flossing. Other common signs can be exposure of the roots (gum recession), or drifting of the teeth.

    If left untreated periodontitis ultimately leads to the loosening or loss of teeth, as the supporting bone is destroyed. Periodontitis is the leading cause of tooth loss.

    Periodontitis is caused by build-up of bacteria (dental plaque). Other factors such as smoking, family history, diabetes and stress have significant impact on how susceptible you are to the disease. It is now understood that untreated periodontal disease can have effects on general health including diabetes, heart disease and pregnancy outcomes.

    How is periodontitis treated?

    A specialist periodontist is a dental practitioner who specialises in the prevention and treatment of gum disease.

    With careful assessment and treatment, it is normally possible to halt the progress of periodontitis. Treatment of periodontitis requires oral hygiene instruction and advice on home care followed by professional cleaning under anaesthetic by the periodontist.

    Following the initial treatment, patients are then reassessed after a few weeks to ensure the disease has resolved. If localised areas of periodontitis are found to persist, these isolated areas may require further treatment, which may include surgical corrective therapy.

    Long-term success of periodontal treatment depends on both your own efforts with oral hygiene and those of the practice team who provide your regular care. Regular follow-up appointments with your hygienist and periodontist are vitally important to ensure the disease process does not re-occur.

    For more information about periodontal treatments, please feel free to contact the practice.

    Periodontal 2024 fees   Price
    Consultation and Assessment
    Includes full periodontal assessment and investigations including radiographs & photographs as required.
    Sub-Gingival Debridement (non-surgical Periodontal Treatment)   from £490.00 per hour
    Periodontal Review   from £175.00
    Periodontal Surgery Per Quadrant   from £650.00
    Gingival Grafting   from £750.00
    Regenerative adjuncts   from £200.00
    Crown Lengthening   from £350.00
    Frenectomy   from £280.00